Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thought on a Being Thankful

When I was in college, I got yelled at in my first education class for or answering a question incorrectly.  Actually, I got yelled at for being wise. The question asked was, why do you want to be a teacher? My answer was, "For weekends and summers off." I was just being funny, but the teacher didn't find it humorous at all. She ranted on and on about if that was my attitude, I would never be a good teacher. Looking back on it, I see that she wasn't that great of a teacher herself. I say this for a few reasons, one she had no sense of humor (if you can't laugh, how can your students enjoy school?) and two being a screamer is just not the way to connect with students. 

The reason I bring up this story is because I am very Thankful that I am a teacher and not just because I have my weekends and summers off (although sometimes those thoughts help). I am Thankful that I am a teacher, because I get to see children   learn and become creative thinkers. I am thankful, because, I get to work with other teachers who are good at what they do and enjoy their jobs. I am Thankful, because in today's world where many people are out of jobs or are working in jobs where they are not happy; I get to do what I enjoy doing every day. I like telling stories, reading books and teaching about literature. I enjoy sharing and teaching and I enjoy learning form my students. I am Thankful that I am a Teacher. I hope all the teachers out there are Thankful also.

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