Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Shelves are Categorized.

Today was a very productive day, working in the library. I was given lot of help by my wife and son, who were kind enough to come in and give me a few hours of their time. When we were done working, all of the books were properly back on the shelves in their new category sections.

The Shelves used to be in a U shape around the room

So, not only is the system new, but the room arraignment has changed.  

My Shelving sections for the Facili System are as follows:

Favorite Choices (containing the Unexplained, and Graphic Novels)

Sports and Activities (including Drawing, Arts and Crafts and Magic)

Jobs, Transportation and Inventions

The Arts (and writers)


Tales (Tall, Fairy, Myths)

People and Places

U.S. History

World History

Holidays and Cooking & Food

Science and Math

Human Body


Plants and Farming



Now that the books are on the shelves, I have to put shelf labels on them, and organize the categories. As that work will start in the next few days, I am continuing to change all the call numbers in the Card Catalog.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Bye Dewey, I have A Name for The New System

I spent three hours or so today working in the library. I know a Teacher/Librarian working in a library doesn't sound that exciting, but It was actually a big thing, for me. I started the process of shelving the books in the new categorization system that I am using instead of Dewey.

For those new to the blog, I have decided to do away with the Dewey Decimal System in my K-5 Elementary School Library. You can read the other posts for my reasons why. After many hours of changing call numbers, I finally got to move the books to their new shelves today.Although it started out slowly, I am very excited about the way the system is going to work. As you walk into the Library, the room flows from category to category now. From the front of the Library back it actually follows a logical order as the subjects move from one to another.

As I was working today, I started thinking about the new system. The wonderful Librarians at The Ethical Culture Fieldston School, who ditched the Dewey Decimal system at their school (and have been very helpful in answering my questions as I got started) named their system Metis. On their website they say, "We have named the system in honor of the crafty Titan who is the mother of Athena and the eternal source of good advice for Zeus." That is a pretty neat idea. So, I thought I should come up with a name for my system also, since it doesn't quite follow the Metis model or the BISAC Standards.

Now I am not a very vain person, So I couldn't go Dewey-like and name it after myself, and I am not sure my library will ever be a place of the Gods, so I couldn't go with a Mythological name, besides my favorite Greek God since my college days when I first learned of him is Dionysus (the God of Wine and Fertility) and I don't think that is an appropriate name for an elementary library system name.

So, I thought about other options. I am a big Disney fan and am inspired by innovators, like the Disney Imagineers. Lately, I have been reading and listen to some very talented people who have done research on innovation and creativity and I wanted the system to reflect that idea, that it is new and different in the sense that it is innovative for a school Library to Ditch Dewey. The more I thought and looked into words that portrayed this idea, The further I got form why I was doing this. Why I was scrapping Dewey. I am doing it to make it easier on my students and staff and also on myself. It isn't for innovation for innovations sake, it's for ease of use and hopefully a more enjoyable Library experience. So, I have decided on a name, I think best describes the new system; as it means what it is and what using it should be. I have named my new Library System the Facili System (pronounced Fah-Chili).

Please continue to follow along as write about how my work in the Facili System proceeds.

For More information on Metis, check out their website here.
For those of you who have not googled Facili yet, It is the Latin word for Easy.