Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Shelves are Categorized.

Today was a very productive day, working in the library. I was given lot of help by my wife and son, who were kind enough to come in and give me a few hours of their time. When we were done working, all of the books were properly back on the shelves in their new category sections.

The Shelves used to be in a U shape around the room

So, not only is the system new, but the room arraignment has changed.  

My Shelving sections for the Facili System are as follows:

Favorite Choices (containing the Unexplained, and Graphic Novels)

Sports and Activities (including Drawing, Arts and Crafts and Magic)

Jobs, Transportation and Inventions

The Arts (and writers)


Tales (Tall, Fairy, Myths)

People and Places

U.S. History

World History

Holidays and Cooking & Food

Science and Math

Human Body


Plants and Farming



Now that the books are on the shelves, I have to put shelf labels on them, and organize the categories. As that work will start in the next few days, I am continuing to change all the call numbers in the Card Catalog.

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